Our Ambition

Copper Defence is pioneering the research and development behind copper-infused technology to revolutionise the way we tackle antibiotic resistance. Our goal is to reduce the spread of infectious diseases through commercialising a range of high quality, durable, non-drug, non-invasive and affordable anti-microbial solutions.

Our Milestones

Copper Defence, a Copper Clothing brand, was specifically set up in February 2017 to build strategic partnerships with entities who are looking to incorporate copper infused technology into their existing businesses and sectors.

The Fight Against Superbugs

Professor Bill Keevil, University of Southampton carried out in-vitro testing on our Copper and Bamboo fabric, highlighting that the copper ions kill MRSA at a much faster kill rate than Copper Metal itself.

Collaboration with the NHS

A huge strategic accomplishment partnering with the Croydon NHS Trust testing our products in three separate double-blind clinical studies involving over 1,000 participants.

Copper in the Aerospace Industry

We won a UK Government grant having teamed up with the world-renowned University of Bath to use our Copper innovation for development and testing in the Aerospace Industry.

The Start of a New Era: Copper Defence

We aim to build awareness that such an innovation exists and where the materials can protect lives across both developed and underdeveloped countries, especially in disaster relief zones, which act as expedited breeding grounds for all communicable diseases.


In August 2016, Copper Clothing signed a historic deal to become the sole distributors for the UK across their full product range as well as a long-term partner to support our in-house innovations. Copper Defence UK now has the exclusive technology to develop products based on various materials including;

Textile yarns, Non woven fabrics, Polymers (Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, ABS, EVA, silicones, etc.), Foams, Extruded shapes, Injected shapes, Resins, Films, Varnishes, Paints


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I wear the five toe socks because I suffer from a fungal nail infection. The results have been amazing after wearing the socks every day!

– Dr Henk Franke – Customer & Consultant Gynaecologist, Netherlands

I have had bad skin on my right knee for years and no creams seemed to work on it, wearing the copper pyjamas though has cleared it up noticeably! Also, my father has suffered from fungal infections on his feet for most of his life. He recently started wearing your copper socks and since then everything has cleared up! It is a fantastic metal with an endless list of properties and uses.

– David Stewart – Customer, Scotland

My dad’s legs were so swollen that I thought that in maybe a year or so he may have to face amputation of possibly both legs. What did I have to lose? Reading the reviews they sounded like a miracle. They truly are a miracle! My dad’s legs went from looking and feeling like an elephants’ to normal person’s. It’s unbelievable. These socks are amazing and can change a life having experienced it saving my dad’s life. Thank you!

– Michele Jones – Customer, Wales


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